Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Beach Babes, protect your hair from the damaging effects of summer! We all live for the days that those UVA and UVB rays finally shine through and we can hit the beach and work on our tan, but our hair feels the pain. Brittleness, frizziness, and discolouration are a few things our hair can suffer from if we aren’t careful, but don’t worry- Kevin Murphy has you covered, as always!


So for the gals out there with blonde locks, we dish out to keep our hair looking natural with a beautiful golden tone, don’t let the summer days fade your colour, make sure you are washing with BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH, this lavender infused wash is colour enhancing with optical brighteners that takes you from brass to class!


If you have fine hair and want to join in the fun of textured beachy waves, make sure you are washing with ANGEL.WASH and following up with the ANGEL.RINSE, this has milk proteins to control frizzy hair that has suffered what we put our hair through! Spray in the HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY and you are walking out the door with the “day at the beach hair” plus, you will smell AH-mazing.


Medium textured hair needs love too, go with the HYDRATE-ME.WASH and HYDRATE-ME.RINSE. This duo is super moisturizing with added antioxidants that packs your hair with amazing shine, and ensures no loss of moisture! Not to mention, our biggest hit at the salon. Finish up with ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY to add volume and increase hold.


Finally, for my curly girls, shower up with the LUXURY.WASH and the LUXURY.RINSE this is made specifically for coarse, thick hair, it will make it more supple and manageable, and is especially good for unruly hair as it has the right hydro-lipid balance that suits the needs of curly hair. That sounds scientific, but trust us, it works! Style with KILLER.CURLS and you will be rockin’ the best version of your curls possible!