Mel Saxby

Apprentice Stylist

Mel Saxby, Apprentice Stylist at Violet Hair Lounge

I became a stylist because it’s always something I’ve been drawn to. I wanted a career where I can utilize my creativity, critical thinking and have an opportunity to connect with people. Making people feel confident and uplifted is a passion of mine. I want everyone to look and feel their best.
I am inspired I’m in an industry that is always changing and evolving. As someone who is passionate about continuing education, I love that this profession encourages ongoing learning in so many different forms. I am a licensed esthetician as well. I graduated from VIU in 2016 and have been working in the industry since then. I believe that having this background is a big help with being new to the hairstylist world. I understand people. 

I have a burning passion for men’s cuts and originally thought I would end up in a barber shop, but once I got my hands on colour, that all changed. I love both colour AND cutsMy clients are my # 1 priority. I want them to leave my chair feeling confident and sassy! I was awarded the customer service award in hair school because I am all about the client experience. 

Coming from a background in esthetics, I understand that sometimes a new space or service provider can feel intimidating. I want everyone to feel welcome while they are in my chair. I encourage everyone to be themselves and enjoy their time. Want to chat? OK me too. Want some quiet time for yourself? By all means, don’t be shy to say what how you want your salon experience to be. 

I am caring, compassionate and above all honest with my clients.





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