5 Reasons To Stop Shampooing Daily

by Violet Hair Lounge

5 Reasons To Stop Shampooing Daily

Reason #1: You spend a lot of your hard earned money getting your hair coloured, so you want it to last as long as possible. The less you wash your hair, the longer your hair colour will stay vibrant.

Reason #2: When you wash away all of your hair's oil, you will reproduce it unnecessarily, and faster.

Reason #3: By not shampooing daily, you save time – both in the shower and styling.

Reason #4: With less styling, also comes less heat; if you can hold of washing and styling your hair, your hair will thank you.

Reason #5: Shampooing your hair daily can cause dry and brittle locks, i.e. breakage.

For those days when you get your hair dirty, but it doesn't need a full wash, we recommend Kevin Murphy's RE.STORE; this acts as both a shampoo and a treatment, so you can add strength and moisture without a full wash.

Date posted 13 September 2019

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