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by Violet Hair Lounge

Hey Loungers! We hope your summer is beautiful so far!

Every so often we step back to think about what we want to create more of in this lifetime. Joy, community, connection, inclusivity, beauty, consciousness, sustainability and - of course - gorgeous brows & legendary hairstyles. 

When it comes to other things, like waste, we are committed to creating as little as possible. From convos with Loungers like you, we know that most people in our community want the same. As we told you about in our Earth Day newsletter, we're so green we’re practically a forest. 

The concept of waste is a hot topic. Annie Leonard of Greenpeace said that “There is no such thing as away. When we throw something away, it must go somewhere”. We know this, so we think before we buy. We go for quality, transform our compost piles into black gold, and reuse things whenever we can. Now, we're not necessarily suggesting that you live off the grid or give up your car - but what about easily achievable plans? What we need are everyday less-is-less actions.

Take the Crown Royal bag, a notable Canadian paragon of reuse for generations. Just last week, in the throes of resourcefulness, a friend compacted her down parka into one of these famed felt sacks.
It brought up the question here at VHL - what else do people stuff into those bags? The Lounge Babes say in their families it has sheltered whiskey and a wild menagerie of other things: Scrabble letters, marbles, buttons, barbies, art supplies, contraband, poker chips and Great Aunt Martha’s curlers.

We want to know your best uses - share them with us on Instagram & Facebook

What else can you get pumped to reuse? How about your empty VHL product bottles? Less plastic bought equals less plastic made. Collectively, our impact can be significant. Our recently launched VHL V-Fill program is keeping new bottles out of your house and out of the landfill. We have already saved 36 plastic bottles since we launched last month, and we have you to thank. You are all just as motivated as we are to reduce unnecessary waste! Less-is-less!

It’s easy we’ve already added more V-Fill products, including Loma! faves. No appointment is required, just come on in and get pumped. Coming in for your appointment but your bottle isn't empty yet? No problem - we will top it up for you no matter how much or little you need.

  • Angel Wash & Rinse
  • Hydrate Me Wash & Rinse
  • Hydrate Me Masque
  • Restore Conditioning Cleanser
  • Smooth Again Treatment
  • Staying Alive Spray
  • Hair Resort Spray
  • AntiGravity Cream & Spray
  • Plumping Wash & Rinse
  • Young Again Wash & Rinse
  • Motion Lotion
  • Untangled
  • Blonde Angel Wash & Treamtment

By popular request, we've added Loma to our V-Fill Program!

  • Nourishing Oil
  • Fortifying Tonic
  • Deep Conditioner
  • Violet Shampoo & Conditioner
  • More to come....

Oh, and one last thing - V-Fills save you money - 15% to be exact. Same great product, reduced expense, less plastic. (Insert thunderous applause!) Less-is-less!

We also have our minimalist fills for when you use just a bit of product, want to try someting new or need a travel bottle (finally, we can travel!!). Our V-Fill glass & aluminum containers in 30-120mL sizes are just right for smaller quantities of product. Say no to half filled containers collecting under your sink. Buy less, use every last drop. Less-is-less!

Thank you for reducing your footprint and joining our V-Fill community!
With love + less plastic,


“Waste does not exist in nature because ecosystems reuse everything that grows in a never-ending cycle of efficiency and purpose”

                                                                                                                                            - Frans Van Houten

Explore our VFill products here.

Date posted 6 August 2021

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