Angie Gignac

Stylist + Owner

Angie Gignac, Stylist + Owner at Violet Hair Lounge

I began my life being hustled around Quebec City in a laundry basket.

Although I’m grown up and accomplished now, the concepts of movement and sass have never left me. I have been in the industry for over 15 years. I graduated top of my class from Malaspina University in 2001. I continued my training, working in high-end salons, doing session styling and pursuing continued education. I believe you’re only as good as your last haircut, so I’m dedicated to keeping my talents honed and ultra-current. The enduring relationships I have with my clients are the greatest reward I could have and I’m so lucky to love what I do.

After establishing a presence as a business owner/operator in another Nanaimo venue, I conceptualized the Violet Hair Lounge with a passion for progress and swift innovation. Though it began in a ramshackle character house, which I transformed into a beautiful, artistic haven, we have now moved to a more modern space in downtown Nanaimo where I can better serve my growing clientele.

The laundry basket was a good place to start, but Violet Hair Lounge is a great place to be.


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