Stefania Radicchi

Experienced Stylist

Stefania Radicchi, Experienced Stylist at Violet Hair Lounge

Born and raised in Winnipeg to Italian immigrants, Stefania was literally raised in a salon that her mum owned for 40+ years. When she completed her hairstylist certification she was lucky enough to work with other family members who were also hair stylists and salon owners. Eventually realizing that Winnipeg wasn’t a city for her she left and moved to Calgary. She lived and did hair there for 3 years + met her husband there which oddly enough was from the same neighborhood in Winnipeg.

14 years ago they made the plunge and moved to Nanaimo. They moved here and made a cozy little life out here and they haven’t looked back. In this time, she worked in a couple local salons, but she wanted to try a career change and ended up being a nanny for a local family. Her true passion and her family calling is in the art of hair.

Stefania has over 15 years of salon experience. I truly love the artistic expression of this industry, a color complements a cut but a good cut can make your fading color look fresh. If I’m not doing hair you can find me reading books on a beach, frolicking in the woods, talking to my plants, dancing to loud music, travelling oh and surprise surprise with my Italian ancestry, I love to cook.

Looking forward to seeing you in my chair,




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