Rita Smith

Guest Coordinator

Rita Smith, Guest Coordinator at Violet Hair Lounge

My journey here to VHL originally started about 15 years ago. Although my position here only started back in March, I am no stranger to VHL. Believe it or not, Angie has been doing my mom's hair for the past 15 years! As a result I certainly spent a lot of time in the walls of VHL. I have had the pleasure of watching the salon grow and morph into what it is today and got my own pampering from almost every stylist along the way. Having said this, Angie and I have been acquainted since I was just a wee one.5 years ago I started my first job in the serving and hospitality industry at a local resort. I began as a server then moved to a guest coordinator. I learnt so much about the customer service industry and the business in my 4.5 years there, I knew working with people is what I’m passionate about. Aside from being a very social and extroverted person I thoroughly enjoy the sort of “head down” organizational and detail oriented side that comes along with such a position, hence my love for being here at Violet.

Hair and work aside, I love to express my creative side. Looking back on my life, I have been artistic for as long as I can remember. Through school I was the girl with little doodles of eyeballs and weird faces all over her notebook and that continued to blossom. As I got older I had more resources to experiment with and found my niche was acrylic painting and realistic pencil portraits, which I try to keep up with whenever I get a dull moment. Alongside artwork, family and friends are a huge priority of mine, they have all made me who I am today and I am forever thankful. Whether I’m here at the salon or spending time with my loved ones, I wish to do so in style. Fashion, shoes, jewelry and everything in between brings me joy and I’m ecstatic to work in such a place that encourages individuality and creativity in, not just the employees but in our clients as well!

I look forward to welcoming you with a smile on the phone or at your next or first visit!


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